As long as I can remember I have had a desire to be healthy and learn more. As I have studied all aspects of health throughout the years, my interest has grown to a burning passion. Further, my desire has expanded to assisting others to have the knowledge necessary to make the decisions that will lead them to optimal health. Whole foods is the answer. “The science is clear. The results are unmistakable” (The China Study, Campbell).

“First, I suggest a shift towards plant based whole foods. Whole foods, as opposed to refined and processed foods, provide nutrient rich nourishment that our body needs to function and regenerate optimally. As a general rule, the less that has been done to food, the more nutritional value it will have. Once the body has been provided with the nutrition it desires, its hunger mechanism shuts off, reducing cravings and the tendency to overeat.

Plant-based whole foods also help support an alkaline environment in our body, whereas all animal products are acid-forming. Because our body’s ideal pH is slightly alkaline, our diet should also be slightly alkaline. Acidic foods such as animal protein, sugar, caffeine, and processed foods tend to deplete our body of alkaline minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, making us more susceptible to chronic and degenerative disease” (Brendan Brazier, vegetarian triathlon athlete and champion).

“Never before has there been such a mountain of empirical research supporting a whole foods, plant-based diet. People are beginning to sense the need for change and are beginning to question some of the most basic assumptions that we have about food and health- and are changing their lives for the better.” The China Study, T. Colin Campbell


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