A Whole Foods Lifestyle Prevents Cancer

Cancer and disease thrive off of an acidic internal environment but we can control our internal environment by the foods we eat. In particular, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, and high blood pressure are affected by our internal climate. Vegetables and fruits are alkaline foods but refined grains, sugar, dairy (super acidic) and meats are all acidic foods. Regularly consuming acidic foods causes chronic inflammation internally, which is precisely how disease begins growing. When you go for a treat, think about what it is doing to your internal climate. Not only is it adding to the waist, but it’s wreaking havoc inside, causing cellular imbalance and feeding disease. It’s no wonder we don’t feel good after eating junk!

ImageJillian McKee, an avid health promoter, describes the power in a vegetarian lifestyle in preventing disease:

“Vegetarianism has often been associated with some of the stranger subcultures in our society, but over the years many people who suffer from diabetes and heart problems have found this regimen of thinking and eating to be the answer to their prayers. As our knowledge base has grown through the years, it is easier to find foods within vegetarian guidelines that provide the necessary nutrients that once could only be found in animal products.

Those with cancer often have many challenges regarding the foods they eat. With treatments such as chemotherapy, it can be difficult to keep food down. It is also important to find the right balance within the foods we eat so that our bodies can fight without the cancer becoming strong as well. Breast cancer or mesothelioma cancer can take such huge tolls
on our bodies that those afflicted can benefit from the comfort, soothing and healing effects of many foods found in a vegetarian diet. Studies have found that the antioxidant properties and abundance of nutrients found in many fruits, vegetables and grains are key factors in fighting cancer.

William Harris, M.D. states that our DNA is what decides which cancers might develop in our bodies. While DNA does have reparative properties, damage can still persist and cancers can then form. In his estimation, a vegetarian diet is necessary in fighting various types of cancer.”


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