Ready, Set, Go!

Perhaps you have acknowledged changes in your lifestyle that need to be made. Perhaps you are even trying to change right now! Well, don’t give up. There are ample amount of challenges when making a major change, but it is well worth it. Here are some advice and tips from Whole Food Mommies for successfully improving your lifestyle and health:

1. Start Swapping.

Swap ….

meat for beans.

rice for quinoa.

fruit snacks for a banana.

whatever vegetables you are already eating for GREEN vegetables.

2. Involve the Whole Family.

– Give the kids 3 healthy options for dinner, and let them choose.

– Let the kids help cook.

– Read “The China Study,” “Eat to Live,” “Disease Proof Your Child,” or any other credible health book with your spouse. Then, make health decisions together.

By involving the whole family, you are not on your own. Further, the family doesn’t feel as forced into this new way of eating. Teach the family the reasons for the food choices they are making; it empowers them to make healthy decisions on their own in the future.

3. Take Small Steps.

Don’t try to change your diet all at once. Whole Food Mommies suggests picking one or two things to focus on until you are comfortable then continuing to add to it.

You got this.

A member of the Whole Food Mommies website made this comment about changing to a whole foods lifestyle:

“I originally read the cancer study because my son had read it and was quoting things i could not believe. For the last year i have been struggling with a milk allergy that my 4 yr old son got after a virus. When i read the cancer study it brought all my research and questions together. It finally all made sense to me. I also noticed it made me so mad, so mad that all these millions of higher ups know things we do not and because the power of money over rules health any day of the week the little people suffer. Thank god for mothers i say. Has anyone else had a child who has suffered from a milk allergy? rash,diareaha? moodiness? sleepless nights? It is terrible for a mother to watch her child suffer and it took almost a year to even figure out what it was. Any suggestions would be great. I love your websight. thanks”


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