You Are What You Eat

Because you are what you eat, it would be wise to know what it is exactly you are eating. Compare these processed foods’ nutritional facts (particularly fat, saturated fat, sodium, sugar, and nutrient content) to the nutritional information of the whole foods also provided on the blog. 

Captain Crunch is a popular breakfast cereal. While it may satisfy the sweet tooth, it certainly does not satisfy the nutritional standard the body requires. This processed substance is high in sugar and sodium and exceptionally low in nutrients.  Further, check out the serving size; next time you pour a bowl of cereal, measure out the serving size.  FYI, nobody pours 3/4 cup of cereal for breakfast. Double or triple that amount, and now it is an American breakfast.

Fruit Snacks are a common pantry item in today’s society; the ready-to-go package is easy and convenient for the typical busy lifestyle. Plus, it’s basically fruit right? Wrong. Fruit snacks are sugar.  In fact, fruit is not even an ingredient! Despite the high sugar amounts, fruit snacks have no nutritional value. 100% Vitamin C is the best Kellogg’s could do. Well, nice try.  An orange has 160% Vitamin C with additional health benefits and without the detrimental sugar.

Little Caesars Pizza is a clogged artery for only $5 (not including future hospital procedures or costs). The total amounts of calories, fat, saturated fat, and sodium in one slice is outrageous. Note that the pizza slice contains zero nutrients.


2 Responses

  1. After seeing the nutritional value of Little Caesars Pizza, I think I’ll stop eating a whole large pizza by myself!

  2. Great post! The nutritional value of the Little Caesars Pizza was the most shocking to me.

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