“Be an Advocate of Joy” -Brandon Flowers

Our body can only function as well as we fuel it. In fact, the foods we eat directly affect the way we feel. Take note during the day of how you feel after you eat various foods. You will observe a strikingly regular correlation; if the food is processed, the body undergoes nutritional stress to digest it, and you feel crummy, moody, or tired. Whole foods fill the body with nutrients causing you to feel satiated, content, and energized. Thus, health brings joy.

I have a passion for sharing nutritional knowledge with others to aid them in experiencing how it feels to eat well. As an advocate of health, I have discovered that while directly seeking out conversation with individuals can be influential, being an example of health is more effective.  Let me share a couple of examples.

Last summer I went with a group of friends to Lagoon Amusement Park. As lunch time approached, the crew ordered Arby’s sandwiches. I had packed a bag of broccoli, grapes, and a sandwich. At first, as usual, people teasingly gave me hard time about it. However, I was shocked when a friend asked me for a piece. At first I thought he was only joking, still giving me a hard time, and I laughed. Suddenly I replied, “Wait, are you serious?” I passed him the bag of broccoli, and I was thrilled when the bag began getting passed around to each person in the group, each person taking a piece of broccoli! In fact, I was totally stoked my bag of broccoli returned to me empty. Later that day, as we stood in line for a roller coaster, a friend hollered down the line asking, “Hey Kylie! Got anymore broccoli??”

For my nineteenth birthday, I had a big party at my house. Just like any party, there was cake, volleyball, bonfire, friends….and broccoli 🙂 As a joke I put a bowel of broccoli next to my cake which was on the table. People eat what is available [so make healthy foods available to you by purchasing them instead of the processed]; the broccoli bowel had to be re-filled three times!

I like to think of health promotion as being rather than doing. Be a symbol of good health, and people will be influenced.


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  1. Great idea for sharing nutrition information!

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